Mini Hair Coils (Set of 12) NEW SIZE!

Lauren Lane

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Mini Hair Coils (Set of 12) NEW SIZE!
Mini Hair Coils (Set of 12) NEW SIZE!
Mini Hair Coils (Set of 12) NEW SIZE!
Mini Hair Coils (Set of 12) NEW SIZE!


What is all the fuss? The fuss is, there is NO fuss! Our hairbands are no tug, no pull, no crease. All of this means - NO FUSS! We only use sizes that have been tested by us to ensure they meet this promise.

Looking for a hair coil option that provides a more firm hold? Tight buns is the answer! These slim but strong coils make a very tidy looking bun or pony! 

The coils is tightly wound so it grips and holds your hair without tangling, tearing, or damaging your hair. 

For a video on how to SHRINK your hair coils back to their original size CLICK HERE

Size recommendations: 
  • The mini size is great for kids and very fine hair.
  • Medium is your all around go to band. It works for kiddos and adults.
  • Skinnies are great for fine or curly hair.
  • Large is great for anyone with curly and/or medium to thick hair.
  • Tight Buns are great for a firm ponytail. 
Our coils are guaranteed! If one every breaks or becomes damaged, send us a picture and we will replace it with two.

If purchasing only accessories, the first accessory will remain full priced, but a $3 discount will apply to the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. accessory. If any clothing item is added to the order, ALL accessories in the order will receive the $3 discount. The $3 accessory discount DOES NOT apply to purses/clutches. If you're picking up your order (not having it shipped) the $3 discount will apply to all accessories in your order :) * The local pick-up discount will not auto adjust your cart, you'll need to contact me to have it adjusted! 

If you're interested in a color that is out of stock, you can text 1(513) 214-0330 or email My supplier for these is local, so as long as she has them in stock, I can go grab one for ya! 

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