Hair Coils

What is all the fuss? The fuss is, there is NO fuss! Our hairbands are no tug, no pull, no crease. All of this means - NO FUSS! We only use sizes that have been tested by us to ensure they meet this promise.

Size recommendations: 
  • The mini size is great for kids and very fine hair.
  • Medium is your all around go to band. It works for kiddos and adults.
  • Skinnies are great for fine or curly hair.
  • Large is great for anyone with curly and/or medium to thick hair.
  • Tight Buns are great for a firm hold on a ponytail. 
Our coils are guaranteed! If one every breaks or becomes damaged, send us a picture and we will replace it with a new one. 
Shop BONUS: When purchasing ANY three items from the shop, you'll receive an automatic 10% off at checkout. If you want to use Perks Cash, you'll wave the 10% discount and I'll need to email you the invoice. 
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